Thursday, January 31, 2013

Podcast: Top 5 SiDEBAR Podcasts: #1 Tie / Drew Struzan and The Avengers Podcasts!


The dramatic conclusion to my favorite 5 SiDEBAR Pocast Episodes countdown!

#1 Podcast Episode 16: The Quiet Giant - It's DREW STRUZAN

I'm a huge fan of Drew Struzan, so when I heard SiDEBAR had a podcast with him I had to hear it!  I had high expectations, Drew Struzan is a insanely talented artist creating some of the greatest movie posters of all time.  The podcast exceeded my expectations and was better than I had hoped.

From the SiDEBAR site:

"We won't attempt to cover his resume here because we don't have enough space. Just know that this man has done great things, he's an art legend and a modern master of illustration. He's our good friend, Drew Struzan, and he was kind enough to spend some time with us."

Drew Struzan didnt pull any punches it was raw and powerful.  Especially talk of his early career and life.  My all time favorite podcast....but this podcast tied with another episode for first place, haha.


#1 Podcast Episode 187 :: THE AVENGERS (a b-side movie review)

My second all time favorite SiDEBAR podcast was The Avengers movie review.  I think this podcast is about as much fun as you can have making a podcast and listening to a podcast.  Nothing better explains this than the explosion of laughter take place on this episode from about 27:47 to about 29:00, haha!

This podcast for me embodies what SiDEBAR is.  Three guys who are uber art nerds (just like me and a million other artists out there) who love art (and in this case movies) and who are not afraid to totally show and share their passion.  For me its just as important to make sure the talk and discussion of art is as exciting and fun as viewing the artwork itself.  SiDEBAR exemplifies this perfectly!

That sums it up, what I feel are the greatest 5 SiDEBAR episodes our there.  Be sure to check out ALL the SiDEBAR podcasts and find your favorites!  Long live SiDEBAR!

My Top 5 Favorite SiDEBAR Podcasts Summary

Honorable Mentions (Be sure to check out!)

title image copyright Drew Struzan
avengers image copyright Marvel / Disney Studios

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