Saturday, January 5, 2013

Other Stuff: Blender 3D software is AMAZING and FREE

image copyright Andy Goralczyk


Perhaps the greatest freeware discovery I have found on the internet since first logging on 8 years ago is the AMAZING FREE 3D software known as Blender 3D.

When I graduated college in 2004 I had just taken a 3D computer modeling class.  I was blown away.  This was back when the technology was brand new and animations and video games were first beginning to introduce 3D rendered images.

image copyright Sacha Goedegebure

I loved the look and idea of being able to sculpt in 3D on the computer.  However, being broke and 3D software packages costing thousands of dollars I thought I would start at the bottom (in terms of price) and work my way up.

So as a joke I did a search on "3D software free" and to my amazement Blender software popped up.  I downloaded and I was instantly hooked!  The possibilities of this software are limitless!


From modeling in 3D, or making games in 3D, or making 3D animation, to creating characters and environments to help with traditional painting and drawing, ENDLESS!!! and FREE!!!!

As if the free software was not enough, they also have a wonderful community!  The forum has endless amounts of help, feed back and tutorials.  The creator of blender Ton Roosendaal still countinues to be very active in the community by creating animated films I think every other year using blender software!

One of my past favorites is a short called "Big Buck Bunny." Created and animated completely with Blender!


All in all if you are an artist Blender will help you in some way.  I view it as a gift from the heavens and at the same time think Ton Roosendaal is bananas for giving it away for free.  So be sure to check it out before he gains his senses back!


I will also say that Blender is a bit complex to learn at first but their is more than enough tutorials online to learn from.  And the community is always happy to help!  If you are still stuck with the newer updates I suggest starting with an older version such as Blender 2.25 called "Blender Publisher".  Big thanks to Ton for this amazing FREE gift the art community!

Blender also has an amazing back story be sure to check it out HERE.


  1. Just to add some references for interested non-Blender users...
    - is the most active Blender news page
    - for the main community forum
    - for mostly free high quality video tutorials

  2. Good post Reavenk, thanks! I'm glad to see the community is still thriving!

  3. For users from Czech Republic - on we are building czech blender wiki