Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Artists Spotlight: Jean-Baptiste Monge's Behance Page


Jean-Baptiste is one of my top four favorite artists of all time.  His work has so much personality and life!  So I was very excited to find out he has been posting a lot of his concept art for games, movies and books on his new Behance Page!

Tons of amazing concepts and character drawings.  Lots of finished paintings as well.  Be sure to check him out!  Jean-Baptiste is always doing it right!

Also be sure to check back Monday I have a wonderful interview coming up with the master of fairies, elves, dragons and warriors!

Jean-Baptiste Monge
website: http://www.jbmonge.com/
website: http://www.mr-dumblebee.com/
facebook: www.facebook.com/jeanbaptiste.monge
behance: www.behance.net/JBMonge



Be sure to check out all his Behance Pages!


images copyright Jean-Baptiste Monge
Sony Pictures Animation / Spiders Studio /Focus Home Interactive

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