Monday, January 7, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Stjepan Sejic and A Word On HARDWORK!


Stjepan Sejic
all images copyright Stjepan Sejic

One super amazing creature designer and comic artist.  Stjepan Sejic is a dragon master!  Be sure to check out the artwork on his comic Ravine!

I also came across a rant/word of advice for young artists that Stjepan had posted on his DeviantArt page that had to be passed along!  Making a living as an artist is hard work and I think from time to time you need someone to really put things into perspective for you.  Either you have the fire or you don't!

If you are in need of a kick in the buns, check out the words of wisdom from the dragon master himself!  Stjepan Sejic from his DeviantArt page writes:



okay, so after a swarm of questions many of which left me with my jaw on the floor... i realized something...

people are afraid of pushing a button to see what it does

okay, to backtrack first. i am self taught in photoshop, had no books had no tutorials, had a borrowed i think 7... dunno which was before cs2 when i started,  i learned it by ....pressing a button and seeing what it does

i explored, i tried stuff out.

i had no teachers no schools no education on this stuff

i saw a button i pressed it.

that is how about 9 years ago when i first decided to try and apply digital coloring to early pages of ravine, i was dabbing paint on a page. i came to the point where i had to paint a waterfall. so , just for fun i tried putting scattering on the foam brush i made, a simple thing. and i was gonna see if smudge could be scattered. it had a weird side effect. it blended colors. i went on playing with the settings, till i realized that unchecking spacing completely eliminated the smudge brush lag, and turned it into a blender.

from there on i worked through the method of trial and error to develop my own approach in digital work. and don't even get me started on how many people told me i was doing it wrong back then.  but i persisted

i knew what i needed, i needed a balance of speed and quality that would enable me to tell stories the way i wanted to tell them. i worked smart!

now to the basics. i get a bunch of questions about techniques, people wanting me to make tutorials on the most absurd things...

and then it hit me... you lazy  unmotivated  wastes of effort!!!!!

you don't want tutorials, you want skills on a platter!


see, next week my usb microphone arrives... regular one don't work on my laptop, and then i will finally make some real and important tutorials

but that wont help you! see its not about tutorials, most i can teach  you is a few photoshop tips and tricks. what you lack is the relentless motivation, the competitive spirit! YOU LACK THE FIRE!!!!!!!!

what i do is not magic, it is a product of 17 years of persistent practice. 8 to 10 hours a day, . 8 years of that time i had no internet, i had no tutorials, i had no books, but i looked around, i drew from porno magazines... i was the only teenager i knew who bought those for drawing...too... XD

nowadays you have the internet, all the information readily available, want anatomy, google it, want reference google it, want porn...yeah.. you got that on speeddial don't ya?

see, , idf you really truly wanted to do this stuff your whole life, you would take it seriously enough to take the first take that initiative. you can have all the tutorials ,all the books in the world, but if you don't put in the time, it wont help you one  bit.

see, i'm not gonna stop till i drop.  there are far better artists out there than me,  superior in skills, speed technique, you name it...

i cant allow that....

but also, i want to tell stories. i want to keep drawing them, that is my fire, that is my drive. and between that and my natural friendly competitive spirit, i have the fuel to go on.

so ask yourselves, do you feel the desire, can you forgive yourselves if one day you are working in some shitty job   thinking of what ifs. i can tell you this, it is the best job in the world, when you wake up and cant wait to draw something new

i went through shit and no exit hell to get to where i am, i had no contacts, no  open doors, no connections. just fire and perseverance, and trust me if i made it  so can you

so yeah, tutorials are coming, but the rest ladies and gentlemen is up to you!"


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