Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Artbooks: Sean Andrew Murray's Amazing "Gateway: The Book of Wizards" Coming SOON!


Sean Andrew Murray
images and video copyright Sean Andrew Murray

So many exciting artbooks and DVDs coming out in 2013, but I would have to say none are more exciting than Sean Andrew Murray's "Gateway: The Book of Wizards"!


From Sean's blog:

"If you like my artwork, then you are in luck because this project is a book that I am attempting to self-publish filled with my personal artwork. It features many of the pieces you have seen here on my blog, as well as new pieces. It will take me about a year (I am guessing... you know, what with the full-time job and all), and I am planning on unveiling it at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2013."

Check out his KickStarter video, lots of info on the book (be sure to watch for the special ending....Sean is a Mad Scientist....Wizard.....)

His KickStarter campaign which launched in April 2012 was a big success!  Raising 25k of the original 10k goal!  So I'm guessing if all goes well the book will be out as planned in July for the 2013 Comic Con.


I've been following his blog closely and the new pieces of art and sketches for the book look fantastic!  This book is going to be epically insane!  I hope to post lots more info on the book as I come across it.  So for now be sure to check out his awesome blog for new art and info on "Gateway: The Book of Wizards"!!!!




images and video copyright Sean Andrew Murray

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