Thursday, January 10, 2013

Artbooks and DVD's: Bobby Chiu's audiobook "The Perfect Bait"


Bobby Chiu is an amazing artist.  He is also an incredibly successful artist!  From doing concept art on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film to starting his own art school, Schoolism!

I look forward to posting a lot about Bobby Chiu from his amazing artwork, Schoolism, his tutorial videos and his interview videos with some of the most amazing artist ever.  However, at this time I wanted to post on his awesome audiobook!


I listened to his audiobook "The Perfect Bait" at the beginning of last year.   I had just decided to quit my full time job and start my own business as an artist.  I was lost and terrified!  I think it was literally that week I saw Bobby Chiu post on his facebook promoting his new audiobook "The Perfect Bait".  He describeds the book:

"When I was a student in art school, I had an idea of making a book. It would be about how to become a successful artist, as seen from the viewpoint of somebody who wasn't successful yet.

Over the next ten years, I wrote down all the thoughts and methods that worked for my career, so that one day, if I ever DID become successful, I would have a "step by step" of how I did it. During this time, I've been very fortunate to do a lot of the things that I've always wanted to do, and live the way that I wanted to live.

In addition to doing art, I've also been lucky enough to meet some of my favorite artists, each very successful in what they do, and interview them at length. In learning their stories, I felt that it was time to put this book together."


After reading his description I decided checking it out was worth a shot.  Maybe he had some answers to help me out.  I downloaded it and I was immediately pumped up and my confidence was boosted!  I was ready to take on the scary world of becoming a full time artist!

The advice in that powerful audio book continues to help motivate me today and I view my struggles in a much more positive and optimistic way all based on what I heard and learned in Bobby's audio book!

Bobby is part artist and part motivational speaker, haha!  However, these are not tips and ideas that you can use to become a successful artist.  These are tips and thoughts to help you become a successful person.

Perception is a powerful thing. If you are an artist struggling, if you are a person starting a new business your passionate about, art related or not, this audiobook will give you great tips on how to be a success and how to view your struggles in a positive light.

Check it out TODAY!!!!

Chapter 1 Preview Video (with photoshop demo!) 

images and video copyright Bobby Chiu


  1. Really liked what you had to say in your post, Artbooks and DVD’s: Bobby Chiu’s audiobook “The Perfect Bait” | Massive Fantastic, thanks for the good read!
    -- Terence

  2. Thank you Terence! "The Perfect Bait" is a great book to read or listen to if you need some art career motivation, haha!