Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Animation: Tony McVey's Amazing Stop Motion Animation "Skull Island"


One of the coolest pieces of stop motion animation I have seen in a very long time is Tony McVey's Skull Island!  A short animation (under 2 minutes long) but so cool, lifelike and super detailed!

From Tony McVey's site:

"Skull Island" is a short proof-of-concept stop-motion animated puppet film, inspired by story ideas from "King Kong," and shot using a Sanyo ID Shot mini DV camcorder. The individual frames were captured as TIFF resolution stills, uploaded to a G5 Mac, assembled into QuickTime movies and loaded into Apple Shake for finessing and compositing.

All the post-production work was handled by Greg Bossert, and without his hard work and knowledge, the film would not look, or sound, as good as it does.

If things work out as planned, I hope to make more animated short films in this series, and continue my reinterpretation of scenes from the classic that inspired me and so many others in the field of motion picture visual effects."

I for one hope he and his partners are able to put together tons more of these awesome videos!

Also be sure to check out the awesome "Monster Model Review" of Tony's awesome monster models and work on Star Wars and Gremlins!

Skull Island images and video copyright Tony McVey
Monster Model Review Video copyright Monster Model Review

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